Bobcat Services of Charlotte, North Carolina
"Bobcat Service of Charlotte" offers the following services:
Grading and Lot Clearing
The first step to any project is to prepare your work space. Sloppy grading and leveling could prove detrimental to the progress of any construction. Our methods and work ethics allow us to work on your lot while causing minimal ground, tree, and rock damage.
Concrete Driveways
Building driveways can involve a variety of durable materials. A solid base that drains water effectively is a good beginning, because cracks in such constructions can often promote foundation degradation. Our team of experts will plan, design and lay your driveway so that it lasts.
Back Fills and Trenching
Whether its to run irrigation lines or some other form of piping or drainage, we offer a trenching service as well as a back fill service for areas around your property that could use a good base for top soil or simply to level out uneven areas on the property.
Retaining Walls

Drainage issues? Privacy issues? Sloped yard? Retaining walls provide a durable solution to all of these problems. In addition, building a retaining wall is the perfect opportunity to use your imagination to enhance the look of your property.

Mulching is one of the quickest, simplest and most beneficial practices you can use to protect your landscape and ensure a better growing environment for your plants. Mulching enriches and protects the soil and plants by isolating and keeping the soil moist and keeping down pesky weeds.
Above Ground Pool Preparation
You can't expect a pool to last without having the right foundation. How much soil will settle beneath the pool? What are the proper materials to put under the pool? Attempting this project without a knowledgeable team could prove to be disastrous for your project.
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